The weekend and mothers day.


Its been a lovely weekend, yesterday we spent the day chilling out you were my best friend considering a few days earlier I was considerably not one of your favourites. I couldn’t look at you without you giving me an evil stare or you shouting inaudible words at me haha. you were quite poorly though so I understood.

yesterday we went shopping with your mummy , you were insistent on holding the basket with me around the shop and every so often went on a mad dash which resulted in my chasing you full speed around the isles , you found this hilarious chuckling until I caught you. then well it was screams and more inaudible insults. when we got home you helped your dad plant some plants in the garden , potting plants, watering them and attempting to dig holes in the grass. every five seconds you would look up and tell me there was either a bird or a plane in the sky . you were adorable .

today you came round for Sunday lunch , you scoffed your lamb and the announced to the table you were finished haha , you then went round the table telling everyone who they were . after this we went on a walk , taking you on a walk is like taking the queen you make me smile so  much , you wave at everyone and say hello . you stood watching two dogs in awe as they were running in and out of the water fetching sticks . “hello doggy” and then you would tootle on . your favourite part seemed to be the little water fall… you stuck your head through the railings laughing and smiling at the water gushing by and the cold air coming up at your face .


now your fast off or you were when we departed , love you little one never stop smiling xxx



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