1 year on…

Hello missy,

So one year on since i last wrote you (gosh im shocking at this) and here we are.


Your two now and an amazing little girl , there had been lots of ups and a small few downs mainly with you being poorly. Ecpecially the day you were admitted to hospital after having a seizure poor girl. I was so horribly worried.

So in to the good stuff you love having sleepovers at my house you often ask to stop, you stopped last weekend we played in the paddling pool in the sunshine and then sang our hearts out to the moana sound track haha.

You also had your first sleepover with your friend ‘B’ the other weekend jesus i had my hands full if you wernt fighting for your toys, you were both hugging each other haha it was a very emotional up and down sleepover ūüėā.

And another big anouncment ….

As of the 11th april 2018 you became an amazing big sister too your beautiful little sister Olivia. You are amazing with her sof im so proud of you . You have taken everything in your stride. So as of now i will be writing too you both.

Everyone sofia would like to introduce

OLIVIA ūüėćūüėćūüėć


George got demoted ….

Hey beautiful babes ,

So I’m gutted you stopped last night ( I was at work for 12 hours ) and you stopped again tonight ( I was at work another 12 hours) . So we have not managed to cross paths at all.

well except for this morning when you raced into my room and asked for George …. you may be wondering who George actually is right ? Well you’ve actually demoted the famous peppa pig and now apparently according to you it’s all about George .  

So you sat on my bed with me for half an hour scrolling through peppa pig videos looking for George . “Where’s George?” Was the famous phrase of the half an hour I got to spend with you ūüė¶ . You were quite happy when you got to a video staring George but as soon as he was off screen you weren’t bothered and you were on to the next video in search of your new found love . 

Apparently today you did some colouring at the table with nana and spent a little time talking to the little girl next door .  Apart from that beautiful I don’t have much to write you . 

I love you so much babes . Sweet dreams and I’ll hopefully spend another George filled half an hour with your tomorrow before I have too shoot off again ūüė¶ .


The weekend and mothers day.


Its been a lovely weekend, yesterday we spent the day chilling out you were my best friend considering a few days earlier I was considerably not one of your favourites. I couldn’t look at you without you giving me an evil stare or you shouting inaudible words at me haha. you were quite poorly though so I understood.

yesterday we went shopping with your mummy , you were insistent on holding the basket with me around the shop and every so often went on a mad dash which resulted in my chasing you full speed around the isles , you found this hilarious chuckling until I caught you. then well it was screams and more inaudible insults. when we got home you helped your dad plant some plants in the garden , potting plants, watering them and attempting to dig holes in the grass. every five seconds you would look up and tell me there was either a bird or a plane in the sky . you were adorable .

today you came round for Sunday lunch , you scoffed your lamb and the announced to the table you were finished haha , you then went round the table telling everyone who they were . after this we went on a walk , taking you on a walk is like taking the¬†queen¬†you make me smile so¬† much , you wave at everyone and say hello . you stood watching two dogs in awe as they were running in and out of the water fetching sticks . “hello doggy” and then you would tootle on . your favourite part seemed to be the little water fall… you stuck your head through the railings laughing and smiling at the water gushing by and the cold air coming up at your face .


now your fast off or you were when we departed , love you little one never stop smiling xxx



The day you were born.


Well this makes for a rather interesting post, you were born at 5.23am on Friday the 31st of July, weighing in at a healthy 7lb 7oz .

so the day started your nana rushing into my room to tell me that your mums waters have broken and that she’s heading into hospital, I woke up in a massive daze not sure whether I was dreaming or whether it was really happening. there I was at 5.00am Thursday morning all na√Įve at the fact she would go to hospital and you would pop out and id be an auntie at 7.00am . well your mum came home didn’t she !! you still in her belly. so I went to work to excited to focus on anything else but you! what will she look like? is she going to be ok? .

I eventually finished my¬†12 hour shift and came home your mum¬†was just coming back from the hospital as¬†her contractions were starting to intensify , they told her to come home and relax until her contractions were so far apart. it had always been known that your mum had wanted¬†it to be you and your dad so as much as id have loved to have seen you be born I respected their wishes and resigned myself to the fact id meet you not long after which was fine , but when I got in your mum was in a lot of pain I ran her a bath and comforted her as much as I could have , alongside your dad . it got to the point when it was time to go back to the hospital I helped your mum get ready and then¬†that’s when she asked me to come , I was so honoured and unbelievably happy that I was going to get to see¬†my beautiful niece be born!! .

we got to the hospital in a rush, your mum was exhausted and in a lot of pain . we ran a bath for her in the birthing suite and she tried to relieve her contractions . nothing seemed to be helping her. she had to get out for a check up so your dad helped her out and assisted her to the bed, 4 cms  dilated your mum was disheartened . she had gas and air and an injection to ease the pain which it did to considerably.

at about 4.00am on Friday morning your mum had to go on a drip as it had been 24 hours since her waters broke and it was to decrease any chances of you and her getting any infections, your mum was checked again not long after this and was 9 1/2 cms dilated woohoo !! it was then your mum started to involuntarily push, this panicked me so I rushed out to the midwives station to check all was okay , and that this was a normal thing. apparently it was and so she was left to do her thing.

at about 5.15 am you mum was told she could push , and so she¬†did you were finally born at 5.23am you were wet bloody and slimy¬† , you were blue and not moving the midwife started to rub you with a towel , you still didn’t move , I started to panic a little . she turned around and asked me to pass her another towel , I couldn’t find one so passed her sheet , she continued to rub you and you squirmed a little but didn’t respond as she would have liked. she moved you over to the table and then rang the emergency buzzer . a crash team came running in with about 6 people surrounding your tiny body. I started to cry , in hope you would be ok. eventually you started to breathe in a relatively normal manor , you were passed briefly to your mum for a cuddle in which I took the opportunity to plant a massive kiss on your head.

you were the whisked off to NICU, I gave your mum a kiss and a cuddle and then I had to leave to go to work , I cried all the way to the car park and all the way home . then all the way to work. praying you would be ok.

little did we know that night we found out you had meningitis and would be in hospital for 2 weeks.

thank you for being you , and thank you for being the little fighter you were!!.

love you x