Visit to the farm, tantrums and ice creams.


Yesterday was such a lovely day . 

Your mum bought you round to come get me . You were jumping up and down on my bed then landing on your bum you turned and looked at me and said “I’m just crazy Jess” haha you had me in stitches .

I got ready and then we left for the farm , you kept asking for your friend B. We saw goats , sheep , pigs , rabbits ,guinea pigs , baby lambs (which you fed a bottle with your mum) . You just loved it Sofia .

You stood by the chickens clucking at the top of your lungs and laughing so hard ( I wish I had a video of that ) .

All was going swimmingly until ….. 

lunch time , it didn’t help that the lunch area was right by the sandpit, slides and activity centre . You threw the biggest tantrum screaming and crying and at one point you launched your open packed of crisps behind you and it hit a little boy in the head and the rest of the crisps hit his mum , me and your mum wanted the ground to swallow us whole . Eventually you gave in after what felt like 24 hours of pure toddler tantrum , with everyone looking over to see what all the fuss was about . I can’t tell you how relieved I was when you piped down to eat your sausages and fruit smoothie , odd combo but to be honest you were eating and me and your mum weren’t going to tell you anything that would put you back in the mood you were in before . 

So afterwards it was then a much needed playtime . You were so good , Playing nicely with the other children . 

After this we had a much needed ice cream, and played hide and seek with your mum . 

When we got home you were a little dream , I bathed you , you were determined to bathe me to 😂. You brushed your teeth nicely and then we played before it was time for you to go to sleep . 

You suppose me everyday with how idependant your becoming , how your language improving and how I hear you say a new word almost everyday . 

I love you so much Sofia , thank you for a beautiful day yesterday and thank you for being the fun , kind beautiful girl you are . Love you xxxxxx


Butterfly’s and dinosaurs…

Dear my beautiful, caring intelligent Sofia,

Today we took a trip to a tropical butterfly house with a little friend of yours B ! You were cuddling her and kissing her and holding hands from the second you saw her to the end of the trip ! Even in the car you both held hands afraid of being separated! It melted me . B is my goddaughter so the fact you both get on means the world to me.

So you ran round with her looking at all the animals pointing in amazement and laughing , the day didn’t go without tantrums but they are to be expected of a child that’s not far away from turning two 😘.

We got to the dinosaur walk through you were amazed at the roars of the dinosaur when you pressed the buttons 😂 and became a button pressing addict! It was so hard to tear you away from your new found love ! 

You looked after B all day feeding her , hugging her giving her drinks even though you had a cheeky swig yourself 😂. And at one point took her dummy , you’ve never had a dummy but your obsession. With them is beyond reasonable ! .

We had a go at bashing our coins into a lucky coin tree which at many points you were more than happy just to climb up them 😂.

Over all we had an amazing day I took you back to mummy and daddy and bathed you , we played and then you went to bed . I love you so much missy ! Your a beautiful kind, caring being . 


Checking out the duck 😂 love you xxxxxxxxxx


It’s been a bunny kinda day …

Bunny this bunny that 🐰

Right after this moment you decided to topple backwards 😫

So today was another nice day we spent time colouring , playing outside and just generally messing about. 

New things I’ve found out about you today:

1. You have a new found hate for insects , I pointed a worm out to you in the garden you then proceeded to clamber up on me squealing and trying to manage to get up onto the highest point of my body.

2. You now say I love you and today was the first time you have said it too me , you also rubbed my cheeks and told me I was cute . Yes this melted me from the inside out ! 

3. You know your colours ! I’m astounded at how fast you have picked this up .

4. You hate lawn mowers , nana mowed your mummy’s lawn today you did not like the noise one bit and clambered up me once again saying “that noiseeeee, that noissseeeee” . 

5. You love marshmallows, but proceeded to stuff a massive one in your mouth and gagged and spat it out , then you weren’t so keen 😂. 

6. You can blow raspberries and did so on my tummy 😂😆.

7. You can play the recorder , well not quite but you made it make a noise . You then tried to teach your dolly . 

I’m so proud of you Sofia I love you more than I can even explain ! . 

Lots and lots of love beautiful girlie xxxxx


A letter I wrote you before you were born …. 24/7/15

Okay so here is a letter I wrote to you a week before you were actually born ….. 
Dear sofia,

To my unborn niece , we are all so excited to meet you beautiful girl, mummy and daddy have got everything ready and they are just waiting for your very special arrival, your mummy went to the midwives today I think your going to prove to be very stubborn indeed, like your mother. The midwives told her that your lying back to back and to expect a long labour , you mum was far from chuffed with this news , in fact she was so disheartened she ran out to the super market and bought 2 litres worth of pineapple juice and a whole fresh pineapple, I think she’s trying to tell you to vacate the premises sweetie. I’d take the hint if I was you .

We have all spoilt you so much already , I’m so excited to see you in the clothes I have got you. Not to long ago I bought a crocheting kit , it was to crochet a monkey that I was going to give to your mummy when you were born , I’m sorry to say sofia but it nearly ended up through my window and across the street , nobody told me that crocheting would be so bloody hard!!! I should have listed to my best friend when she said with a slight amount of suprise to her voice …. “your going to do that?” I rather confidently said yes and then said I was doing her little girl one too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well that’s never going too happen.

So my little mooch it’s your call , we are all waiting for you my darling it’s your call (apart from August the 4th , don’t leave it that late , because if you don’t come soon that’s the day you’ll be induced… sorry to break it too you kiddo.)

So my lovely girl you will be the most loved little girl in the world , so many people are waiting for you , I bet it’s making you feel like a little celeb right now , well enjoy it … It wears off after a while , unless of course you actually do become a celeb well then you’ll just have a lifetime of people following you around with cameras haha.

Love you moochie, so much already , can’t wait to hug you tightly and kiss you so you can feel a small proportion of just how much I love you already.

Take care sweetie and ill meet you soon xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Day out with the fairy godmother …

Sofia , 

Above ^^^ a time when it all got too much. 

Today you did indeed race into my room asking for George again . We briefly watched some peppa pig before me rushing around to get ready and head off out . 

I came back with your godmother , you were so excited she was here you raced into nana shouting “nana nana , Hannah’s here” jumping about all excited . You kept laughing and shouting “hannah,hannah”. 

Hannah sat at the table with you whilst you were lunching away on your pasta and colouring in .  whilst I got your car seat in my car and got ready for a little adventure .

When your finished we all marched to the car you kissed nana goodbye and shouted “chow” which made your godmummy crease . 

We went back to Hannah’s to pick her little dog up , you were obsessed from the moment he got in the car , giggling away in the back shouting “dog, woof woof” he stuck his head out of the window , you didn’t think much of this and told him he was a naughty dog . 

We finally arrived at elvaston castle , you were adamant you were holding the lead, and you were not best pleased when we had to let him off and you no longer had somthing to hold . So the rest of the walk consisted of you running after Him shouting “siiiiiiiiiiidddddddd…. sidddddddddd Come here” and then trying to reconnect him back to his lead!.

You started to get tired and asked me for a pick up , that was until you saw the play park . “Sliddddddde , slidddddddde ” were your next favourite  words of the day . So off we trotted.

We lay in a big netted swing while hannah pushed us both, you laughed and then you were determined this wasn’t fulfilling your slide need, so hannah then took you on the climbing frame and slide which you went on repeatedly . 

I’ve learnt the easiest way to leave somthing your enjoying when we have to go is to tell you to say bye bye to it , you then leave rather peacefully . If I wasn’t to do this all hell would break loose ,I’d be tending to a toddler who goes floppy when trying to pick her up, then proceeds to throw herself on the floor. 

All in all it’s been a lovely, beautiful day. 

Keep being you beautiful.

Love you so so so much 



George got demoted ….

Hey beautiful babes ,

So I’m gutted you stopped last night ( I was at work for 12 hours ) and you stopped again tonight ( I was at work another 12 hours) . So we have not managed to cross paths at all.

well except for this morning when you raced into my room and asked for George …. you may be wondering who George actually is right ? Well you’ve actually demoted the famous peppa pig and now apparently according to you it’s all about George .  

So you sat on my bed with me for half an hour scrolling through peppa pig videos looking for George . “Where’s George?” Was the famous phrase of the half an hour I got to spend with you 😦 . You were quite happy when you got to a video staring George but as soon as he was off screen you weren’t bothered and you were on to the next video in search of your new found love . 

Apparently today you did some colouring at the table with nana and spent a little time talking to the little girl next door .  Apart from that beautiful I don’t have much to write you . 

I love you so much babes . Sweet dreams and I’ll hopefully spend another George filled half an hour with your tomorrow before I have too shoot off again 😦 .